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Example: https://www.facebook.com/facebook/videos/672748856994200

Facebook Video Downloader was created so that anyone can download and save their favorite Facebook videos on the web with an easy to use interface.

Facebook to MP4

In other words, we designed the site to work across all platforms therefore you’re going to delight in exactly the same consumer experience if you surf the internet site onto your own Iphone, Android Tablet or PC. This website is free to use and does not need any 3rd party software to work.

Is Facebook Video Downloader legal?

You should only download videos if you have consent from the copyright holder. Unauthorized downloading is against Facebook’s terms of service. Besides, It’s insecure about downloading copyright-protected videos without the author’s approval. VidFrom implies you to honor the rights of the owner. Remember that Vidfrom.com does not host, and does not allow you to download any copyrighted material.

Why should you use Facebook to MP4?

Free Facebook and Unlimited download

Facebook video downloader is a online video downloader that doesn’t have any ads and also downloads at no charge! You are advised to download as many videos as you prefer anytime and anywhere.

Supports many formats

Our service supports different formats. It’s not only supports SD video but also downloads videos in HD MP4 format.

Facebook to MP4 Converter

Facebook MP4 has become easily the most popular file type today, and of course Facebook video downloader allows one to save videos exactly within this format.

You simply have to paste a Facebook link in to the input box, then choose Facebook converter MP4 from the listing of formats and click on the “Download” button.

No age restrictions

To download age restricted video on the Facebook that you don’t need to register. It will not ask you to pay for any one of its features. It’s completely totally absolutely free.

How to use Facebook downloader?

Just follow these simple steps below for know how can use Facebook video download online to save facebook video.

1. Find a video

Locate the Facebook video you would like to extract music from. Copy the URL from the address bar of the browser.

2. Paste the URL

Go to Facebook Video Downloader. After that, paste the Facebook URL into the input. Your video immediately appears from the download list, while still getting all of the details about the video is going to take a couple of minutes.

3. Complete and download

The downloaded files are available directly from this Facebook video downloader. Simply select the quality that you want to save from Facebook and click the”Download” button.

That’s all that you want to download from Facebook. Super easy and fast. We hope you enjoy Facebook converter.

Above all, VidFrom has been created to function your social media needs. Therefore, we do not like errors and downtime with our website there are. However, occasionally things are out of our control.

In conclusion, if you face any issue or if you want some additional features or any other social networking downloader from us, please contact us and tell us your opinions and suggestions.